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This community has been created for the fans of Jeremy Brett's portrayal of the Master Detective that was Sherlock Holmes. If you detest Mr. Brett's Holmes, then this community is not for you. Please go elsewhere.

Before joining and/or posting to our community, please make sure you have read the rules listed in the User Info section. The rules apply to both this community, and our sister-comm, mrbrett.

Poll: Your Favourite "Holmes" episode?

This poll is closed.

Which of these selected episodes your favourite? , It may be hard to choose! You can tell us why you like which story best in a comment!

A Scandal In Bohemia
The Solitary Cyclist
The Copper Beeches
The Greek Interpreter
The Final Problem
The Musgrave Ritual
The Second Stain
The Devil's Foot
The Illustrious Client
The Red Circle
Thank you all of you whom participated in our first poll. Of the episodes listed, "The Copper Beeches" was crowned as your favourite story, with "The Greek Interpreter" and "The Illustrious Client" in hot pursuit!


A truly riveting Holmes

JB will always be my favourite Holmes.  I am able, quite easily, to watch other portrayals of the legendary character, but none of the others, as good as they are, have quite such a riveting effect.

JB's Holmes is funny, dark, impressive, magnetic, and I suppose, quite loveable too.  He had a way of, as he often said, "becoming" the character.  I suppose other actors before him - and after, have attempted to do it to a certain extent, but not in the same way. 

JB had style and presence.  Such was his presence, that his Holmes shall be with us forever!

An Outstanding Dying Detective ;)

As I was not aware that ITV3 were showing The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes on Thursday nights, I had no idea that I was going to be watching such riveting TV tonight.  But I found out it was on about an hour before, and just had to remain faithful and watch!

"The Dying Detective"... well, it's a while since I've seen that one!!  But wow it is worth it!! What an outstanding performance.  I love actors and performances by anybody when they keep my riveted to my seat and my eyes fixed on the screen.  Jeremy certainly delivers in that story, especially, I think, when he's convincing Culverton-Smith and everyone else around him (including poor Mrs Hudson) that he's caught the infectious Sumatran Fever.

Real talent!  First class!
I have discussed posting my little "advert" with the Mods of this Community so no worries.  

If you are fan of the British actor Jeremy Brett (1933-1995), best known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in Granada Television's adaptation of the stories, then you are most welcome to join my new community. You are most probably aware that there are already a few Jeremy Brett forums and communities out there, but I wanted to make my own!

The community has quite strict rules and membership must be applied for.

If you would like to join or just have a look around (please take into account I only opened the Comm yesterday), you can find it here: mrbrett

The perfect Sherlock Holmes

When I hear the name Sherlock Holmes I instantly picture Granada's Jeremy Brett in my head - the gurgling laugh, the quick dart of a glance, the start of a smile, the leap across the sofa, the leap to the ground, the snort, the high energy. He was magnificent. He is magnificent because such performances stay with us forever as they are immortalised on the screen, giving pleasure to generation after generation as they discover this wonderful interpretation of the great detective.

Although other actors have been a pleasure to watch as Holmes, only Jeremy Brett really got the sense of the character, his fun, his physicality, his great mental capacity. Only Jeremy Brett was there to show why Sherlock Holmes has his devoted friend and associate Dr Watson returning to his side in all kinds of danger. Only Jeremy Brett really brought Conan Doyle's creation to life, off the page and into our hearts.

We trust in his Holmes. We believe he can help any client with any problem. And we enjoy watching the stories unfold, over multiple viewings. No actor in the future will be able to touch him in the role. He is magnificent. Bravo!

Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes has been in my life now for twenty-seven years. And I have no doubt that in another twenty-seven years he will still live on in his marvellous portrayal of this greatest of characters.
We are pleased to announce that our community is now affiliated with two communities: diogenese_club and jwatsonmd .

About: [info]diogenese_club :
This community takes its name from the fictitious gentlemen's club created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and featured in some of the Sherlock Holmes stories, most notably in "The Greek Interpreter".
With regards to this community, The Diogenese Club refers to LJ users who have a common interest in oldy-worldy things. The focal point of this Diogense Club is Old London (although not solely Victorian), mysteries (both real and fictitious), the Industrial Revolution, books etc. Posts about Sherlock Holmes are also welcome.

About [info]jwatsonmd :
Dr John H Watson was an Afghan war veteran who famously met with Sherlock Holmes in A Study In Scarlet. He is Sherlock Holmes's Boswell and partner in many of his investigations. This community is a place to discuss Dr Watson, his friendship with Sherlock Holmes. You can discuss medicine in Victorian England, or any aspect of Victorian life that relates to Dr Watson !! Discussion of the cannon is welcome as are the roles of Dr Watson portrayed in film and television by many actors, most well known are Nigel Bruce, David Burke and Edward Hardwicke.

Please do feel free to take a look at these communities! ;)

My Dad and Granada's "Sherlock Holmes"

I find it very interesting how my Dad has become more and more "attracted" to watching the Granada series of Sherlock Holmes.  He isn't really into this kind of mystery, as he often says they are boring and "all talk".  Yet since he saw The Blue Carbuncle just before Christmas (which he seems to have adopted as his favourite story so far), he seems more and more interested in watching it.

ITV3 is currently showing The Return of Sherlock Holmes on Sunday nights, and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on Monday's.  My Dad is often on his computer playing a game or such, and yet he is beginning to come into the lounge more and more often, and watches full episodes of the things.  

I get the feeling he likes the dark intrigues to the SH stories, but I have also noticed that it seems to be the Granada series which gets his attention, and he certainly fully enjoyed The Six Napoleons the other night!  

So what is it he likes?!  Surely it must be that thing which has made us all fans of this particular series, that is to say the accuracy of things, not to mention the presence of an actor who fully embodied the Master Detective ;)

Speckled Band Thoughts

I recently enjoyed watching Speckled Band and alot of my favourite scenes are in that, Holmes straightening the bent poker for example is a classic. But what really got my interest were the animals. I dont think i could have coped handling a snake, so my question was this, was there any training involved for handling the snake?! Another thing i enjoyed about Speckled Band is the lighting, When Holmes is with Watson in relative safety of the grounds shed there is alot of green to signify safety but in the room where the snake strikes the lighting is red indicating danger. I thought that was very cleverly done.

He Is Watching You...!

My apologies, but I cannot remember where I got this "fan art" from exactly.  I do know I found it during an image search on Google a while back.  I shall have a sniff around tomorrow and see if I can find it again (unless of course someone else knows?...).  Anyway, as you can see, it is made as one of those Motivator posters.  I just thought it was cool without being opver-the-top like some JB fan art is. 

Very nice!

I was told about this community by my brother, and as I have also just joined LiveJournal, I thought I would join this as well, especially as JB is in my opinion, the best Holmes there ever was and ever is likely to be!

I love the layout of this page.  The header has presence, and looks great on an iPod, by the way! ;)