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This community has been created for the fans of Jeremy Brett's portrayal of the Master Detective that was Sherlock Holmes. If you detest Mr. Brett's Holmes, then this community is not for you. Please go elsewhere.

Before joining and/or posting to our community, please make sure you have read the rules listed in the User Info section. The rules apply to both this community, and our sister-comm, mrbrett.

We are currently proceeding to transfer some topics from this community in to our external Jeremy Brett forum.  This shall be followed by the deletion of this Community.  If you would still like to participate in our discussions, we invite you to register with our forum, which is available at http://jeremy-brett.foruommotions.com

Thank you
As our campaign to have Jeremy Brett awarded a posthumous BAFTA for his contribution to film & television is now drawing to a close, we wanted to inform you - if you haven't already seen it on Facebook - that we shall be closing our online petition(s) at the end of September.  After the last week of that month, noone else shall be able to sign it.

Following this, we shall proceed to put together all of our dossier, which will include our promotional videos of Mr Brett's career which are currently available on our YouTube channel (
http://www.youtube.com/jbbafta), as well as our letters of support and other various yet necessary documents.  We shall then submit it to BAFTA.

If you haven't already signed the petition, and you would like to, we invite you to proceed to the following link:


Thank you! ;) 


Brett-Batch Smoke Break

Artist Karadin
Fandoms Sherlock Holmes (Granada-BBC 2010)
Media - pencil on paper, chiyogami papers, full colour print
Please Do Not Repost
image will be available at http://www.printfection.com/karadin

(click for large)

Dear Watson: Edward Hardwicke dies.

Notably portrayed Dr.Watson in the Granada series The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett, (David Burke, who began the role, suggested his friend Edward as a replacement)

With Burke for 2 seasons and Hardwicke for 8 the character of Dr.Watson "was elevated from the bumbling comic relief character familiar to generations, and instead was rightfully reinstated as Conan Doyle's original vision from the canon. Brave, resourceful, intelligent and dependable to the end, the restoration of Watson's rightful character only served to enhance the brilliance of Holmes by underlining how his deductive methods granted him an insight above and beyond even as educated and intelligent a foil as his friend the good Doctor." (TVHeaven)

Mr. Hardwicke also played in the film Love Actually with the current Dr.Watson of BBC's Sherlock - Martin Freeman.

Jeremy Brett stated that he thought of Edward as a 'true Watson' to him in friendship, so we console ourselves that this Holmes and Watson are together now. You are fondly remembered, Mr. Hardwicke.



wirral_bagpuss remarked in her recent post in this comm: 

"The [Granada series] episodes are also very evocative of the Sydney Paget illustrations as well. For example, in “The Naval Treaty”, Jeremy Brett’s scene of holding a rose is really very close and similar to a Sydney Paget illustration. You can see it again in “The Empty House” when he stretches out in Watson's surgery and again, that scene is a mirror image of Paget's illustration.

I thought I'd provide some illustrations to this statement. Unfortunately, I could not find a good screencap of the scene in "The Empty House", but here is the one from "The Naval Treaty" and 3 others:

1. The famous "rose speech" in "The Naval Treaty":

(from rexdean's album on Photobucket)
"The Speckled Band" train scene, "The Twisted Lip" smoking scene, and "The Red-Headed League" classic poseCollapse )

Why Jeremy Brett Was The Best Holmes

I have given this subject a lot of thought; a few weeks ago at work, I was debating Basil Rathbone in comparison to Jeremy Brett as Holmes. I grew up watching Basil Rathbone; in fact, I used to look forward to Christmas when they would show Basil Rathbone's performances as Holmes on BBC2 (usually at some ungodly hour too!). But it was well worth watching. Even Jeremy Brett himself mentioned in one of his interviews that “his” Holmes was Basil Rathbone.

I have seen some of the other screen portrayals of Sherlock Holmes as well; besides Basil Rathbone, I have seen Tom Baker as Holmes in “The Hound Of The Baskervilles” and I have seen some of the Russian SH series as well (with Vasily Livanov playing Holmes and Vitaly Solomin playing Watson).  However, Jeremy Brett's Holmes is still the best and definitive portrayal of Holmes to date and will probably remain so.

Why? Well, aside from his magnificent acting, his Holmes is set in Victorian England and closely follows the canon. The episodes are also very evocative of the Sydney Paget illustrations as well. For example, in “The Naval Treaty”, Jeremy Brett’s scene of holding a rose is really very close and similar to a Sydney Paget illustration. You can see it again in “The Empty House” when he stretches out in Watson's surgery and again, that scene is a mirror image of Paget's illustration. Very clever acting indeed.

Jeremy Brett's Holmes also captures the moods and mannerisms of Holmes as Conan Doyle described them, such as the steepling of the hands and the beginnings of a smile which is rapidly replaced by a mask of concentration. I am currently re-reading the canon and I smile when I see how close Jeremy Brett's Holmes is to the Holmes Doyle penned. For my money, Jeremy Brett's Holmes will always be the definitive portrayal.

A new promotional video for the "A Posthumous BAFTA for Jeremy Brett (BAFTA 4 JB) Campaign is now available on our YouTube channel.  The video is called THE ONLY UNOFFICIAL CONSULTING DETECTIVE and centers upon Jeremy Brett's most famous role of Sherlock Holmes.

The musical score was included in our video upon permission.  However, we have not the permission to share the music included outside of our own website and/or YouTube.  Therefore, embedding has been disabled - for the moment at least.  We apologise for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

The Only Unofficial Consulting Detective is available here: http;//www.youtube.com/jbbafta
Poll #1732533 Which feature-length Sherlock Holmes story do you like best?
This poll is closed.

In anticipation of our Grand Poll: Which of Granada Television's feature-length Sherlock Holmes stories do you like best?

"The Sign of Four"
"The Hound of The Baskervilles"
"The Master Blackmailer"
"The Last Vampyre"
"The Eligible Bachelor"

Voting closes Easter Monday at 8pm UK time. The votes in this poll are seperate from the same poll which is currently open on BAFTA 4 JB's Facebook page, and the results shall not be cumulated. You may therefore vote in both if you like.


RESULTS: Thank you to the 17 people who took part in our mini-poll.  However, as the rules stated that only votes cast with comments would be counted, only 10 of the 17 votes cast were taken into consideration.  Thankfully that did not change the results very much:

Your favourite feature-length story is THE SIGN OF FOUR (with 6 valid votes).  In second place was THE MASTER BLACKMAILER (with 3 votes having been counted).


A note regarding our sister Comm: mrbrett

After almost two weeks of temporary closure for "refurbishment", our Jeremy Brett Community (mrbrett - formally "brett_jeremy") is once again open.

 It has been given a new layout, and a new name.  All previous entries to the community are intact, and are available for you to read and comment on, should you so wish.

Entry into the Community remains open, and posting access is open to all members. 

We would like to state both this community and mrbrett were and remain BAFTA 4 JB Communities, although initially mrbrett was maintained and moderated by an independent member of our team.  Therefore, the same set of rules apply in both Communities.

We thank you for your patience, and for your understanding.